Why Choose Brossett Corporation?

The Brossett Corporation has expanded and continues to work expeditiously to deliver tangible benefits to our hospital partners, participating physicians and their patients. We continue to refine and strengthen our core competencies in the management and operation of each Center on behalf of our host hospitals.

We offer:

Hospital Benefits:

  • Integrating a new clinical service into the hospital’s overall clinical continuum
  • Expanding the hospital’s diabetes, peripheral vascular and orthopedic programs
  • Generating new sources of ancillary revenue and new patients to the hospital’s sphere
  • Attracting new physicians to the medical staff
  • Reducing re-admissions and post surgical infection rates

Physician Benefits:

  • Improving clinical outcomes of complex patients
  • Receiving training and expertise in new clinical technologies
  • Participating with a multidisciplinary team 
  • Accessing evolving new standards of care and practice
  • Increasing their patient base
  • Adding a new source of practice revenue
  • Providing greater patient satisfaction

Patient Benefits:

  • Easy access to comprehensive, high-quality clinical wound healing
  • Improved outcomes
  • High level of customer service
  • Enhanced quality of life